We believe that it goes without saying, with the help of certain measures, that you can enjoy your ears and music more and for longer.

Who we are
I Love My Ears is a campaign for healthy hearing. Together we create attention for the prevention of hearing damage when visiting locations with amplified music. We are:

  1. Association of Event Makers
  2. Association of Dutch Pop Venues and Festivals
  3. VeiligheidNL
  4. NL Actief
  5. National Chamber of Associations

This collaboration stems from thethird covenant for prevention of hearing damage by amplified music.

Why we do this
We think it is important that you can enjoy your ears, and music, more and for longer. Whether this is at a festival, student party or during the spinning class at the gym. By joining forces, we reach more people. More people to share the following message: wear earplugs with a music filter, give your ears a break now and then and maintain sufficient distance from the speakers.

What we do

  1. Encourage the use of hearing protection.
  2. Inform about the effects of exposure of your ears to noise without protection.
  3. Inform about the possibilities of hearing protection and making the appropriate choice.

We aim for a positive movement through:

  1. Monitoring the application of hearing protection measures and developments and the motives behind this.
  2. Developing and implementing effective behavioural interventions: tailor-made for various target groups.
  3. Facilitating the implementing organisations and the associated professionals in applying hearing protection measures in practice, safeguarding and monitoring noise levels and their role as information providers to their visitors.
  4. Distributing the ILME campaign together with professionals, current and new collaboration partners, and ambassadors.

Who is I Love My Ears for?
We focus on 2 different target groups:

  1. Consumers: visitors to locations with amplified music.
  2. Professionals: by professionals we mean all employees, from shop floor to management, who are involved in (event) organisations and (event) locations with amplified music.