24 Jun 2019
Plug in Party on Movement

On June 24th the Plug in Party on Movement will start. An impulse for the I Love My Ears campaign. The main focus of the Movement is to draw extra attention to the use of earplugs with a music filter and to encourage their use at music events.

06 Dec 2018
More Partners Covenant Prevention Hearing Damage Amplified Music

On December 6th 2018, the Third Covenant on Preventing Hearing Damage Amplified Music was signed. In addition to VWS, VNPF and VVEM, which were already partners in the previous covenant, six other partners have signed the covenant.

16 Nov 2018
Koninklijke Horeca Supports I Love My Ears

The branch organization for the catering industry in the Netherlands, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), supports I Love My Ears. By supporting the campaign, she advises her members with specific tips to be actively involved in hearing protection. The three recommendations and promotional material of I Love My Ears can be used properly for this industry.

20 Mar 2018
Advice RIVM Sound Musicactivities

In March 2018, the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) published an advisory report on the maximum sound level at music activities. The advice is the result of a research commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, and connects almost seamlessly with the core values ​​of I Love My Ears.

05 Feb 2018
Week of Tinnitus

From February 5 to 9 2018 it’s the Week of Tinnitus. In this week a lot of organizations give extra attention to tinnitus. ENT doctors, earplug suppliers, charities, but also the music sector.

01 Jan 2018
I Love My Ears Now Available In English

The website and Facebookpage of I Love My Ears is now also available in English. I Love My Ears is a Dutch campaign, but that doesn’t mean that only ‘Dutch’ ears should be protected. To reach a wider audience, we now offer the website and Facebookpage in two languages.

01 Oct 2017
Results Party Panel Hearing Protection

From April to September 2017, the third Party Panel was online. This is an online survey which researches the behavior of festival goers. Each Party Panel highlights one of the pillars of Celebrate Safe, this time I Love My Ears was highlighted.