I Love My Ears Now Available In English

The website and Facebookpage of I Love My Ears is now also available in English. I Love My Ears is a Dutch campaign, but that doesn’t mean that only ‘Dutch’ ears should be protected. To reach a wider audience, we now offer the website and Facebookpage in two languages.

The Netherlands is a country where many nationalities are represented, which means that not everyone speaks or reads Dutch. We think it is important that as much people as possible should be aware of hearing protection and what you can do to protect your ears. That is why we translated the website and created an English Facebookpage. Visit the English Facebook page via the link below and like it!

We also noticed that, partly because of the English name of the campaign, we have a lot of visitors to the website from English speaking countries. I Love My Ears now reaches across borders which will make the awareness about hearing protection grow even further.

Facebook English