More Partners Covenant Prevention Hearing Damage Amplified Music

On December 6th 2018, the Third Covenant on Preventing Hearing Damage Amplified Music was signed. In addition to VWS, VNPF and VVEM, which were already partners in the previous covenant, six other partners have signed the covenant.

Undersecretary Blokhuis: “At concerts and festivals it is quite normal to think carefully about hearing protection. But there are many more places where you will find amplified music, for example at the gym or at the movies. Those places should also be safe for your hearing. On this subject, we are taking an important step today. ”

The new partners are de Landelijke Kamer van Verenigingen (student associations), NL Actief (gyms), de Nederlandse vereniging van Bioscopen en Filmtheaters (theaters), Verantwoorde Feesten (high school events), VeiligheidNL and GGD GHOR Nederland (public health). All partners contribute their expertise and experience to the prevention of hearing damage, so you can continue enjoying music.