Results Party Panel Hearing Protection

From April to September 2017, the third Party Panel was online. This is an online survey which researches the behavior of festival goers. Each Party Panel highlights one of the pillars of Celebrate Safe, this time I Love My Ears was highlighted.

One of the outcomes is that almost all the participants of the survey think that protecting your ears at concerts is important. The majority also says that ringing ears after a concert is very annoying and it is important to wear earplugs. However, it’s hard to choose the right moment to actually put in the earplugs and is sometimes even forgotten. A reminder at the venue is therefore not a bad suggestion. Friends and family of concertgoers who wear earplugs generally respond positively. After using alcohol or other substances, the participants are less likely to put in or buy earplugs.

Do you want to participate in the next Party Panel? Register now at their website. More information about partying responsible can be found on the website of Celebrate Safe. Both websites can be found via the URL’s below and are in Dutch.

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