Do you work with amplified music? Are you a sound technician, artist manager, director or, for example, marketeer for a festival, pop venue or gym? Then I Love My Ears would love to help you with your communication about healthy hearing. So that your visitors know what they can do in order to enjoy your music properly for many years to come.

With these 3 simple steps you are well on your way!

1. Communication

We have various material available for free to help you in your communication to your visitors. The materials are primarily focused on the 3 tips (wear earplugs, maintain a distance from speakers, give your ears a break now and then).

  • Print: for example, posters in various formats. These posters can also be customised for your company or organisation.
  • Video: narrowcasting on location, for example.
  • Flyers: to include in a welcome package or folder display.
  • Logo’s: with 6 different colours so that there is always 1 that matches your house style or target group.
  • Visual material for the point of sale of the earplugs. Handy signage for when on location.

Click here for the materials. Need something else? Make sure to let us know!

2. Plan

Now that you have seen the material, a plan can be made. You can always link to for more information to make life easier. Here is a simple example with ideas.

We always love to see examples! This also helps us to inspire others. Take a photo and e-mail it to us.

Youngsters, Almere
3. Learn from others

We have a few examples to get you started. What are other people doing with I Love My Ears?