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schedule of activities
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Getting started on a plan of action with activities to promote healthy hearing can be difficult. Which is why we are happy to help you, with an example for inspiration. Below is an activity schedule with different actions, moments, and responsibilities. Discuss these within the team, assign the tasks and put this on the agenda every now and then in a team meeting. That way the campaign stays alive!

Planning Benodigdheden Wie verantwoordelijk
1 x per week Check the supply of earplugs in the vending machine and/or behind the bar. Production / floor manager
1 x per month Social media. Content tips: highlight 1 of the 3 hearing tips, an artist with a quote about hearing, a competition with earplugs as prizes. Communication department
Campaign period or continual Posters: A4 poster in the toilets, A3 poster next to the flyer display and reception. Video of narrowcasting in the carousel. Communication department: availability of floor manager
Continual Tips for the website: text with hearing tips, a quote from a ‘celebrity’ at the location. In addition to the artists, feature a few regular customers. They can tell you something about their experience with earplugs. Put out a call in an existing mailing list, for example. Communication department
Continual Entrance tickets: you often see the I Love My Ears logo on a ticket, with the goal of helping to remind people to bring earplugs. Marketing department