Tip: sufficient distance from speakers

Sufficient distance from speakers

If you are listening to music on your telephone, you have control over the volume. But if you do not have the control, what then? Maintain a ‘normal’ distance from the speakers. Which means: do not spend the whole evening under or next to the speakers. Music locations such as concert halls, pop venues, festivals and, for example, gyms are obliged to adhere to a noise level no higher than 103 dB(A). Not a problem with earplugs in, but the noise volume can vary according to where you are standing in the hall.

The sound technicians at music locations do everything possible to regulate the sound according to the location, the performance, the time, the number of people present…making ‘good’ noise is pretty complex as it is dependent on so many factors. Making it quite a challenging job. Measuring the noise volume is part of this. Measuring the sound often takes place somewhere in the middle of the room, where most of the audience is. If you are standing right next to the speakers, you will be hit by a lot more decibels of course.

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