Koninklijke Horeca Supports I Love My Ears

The branch organization for the catering industry in the Netherlands, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), supports I Love My Ears. By supporting the campaign, she advises her members with specific tips to be actively involved in hearing protection. The three recommendations and promotional material of I Love My Ears can be used properly for this industry.

In case of loud music most people think of a concert at a festival or venue, but the risk of hearing damage is not necessarily lower at a disco or bar. For example, 95 decibels can be measured in a busy café and at a disco it can easily exceed 100 decibels. In less than 15 minutes you can get (permanent) hearing damage. Therefore, it is important to protect your ears in these places.

KHN advises its members to take measures, where necessary, to prevent hearing damage as much as possible among their customers. I Love My Ears can be found at more and more music locations. By using the same material, they make use of the recognizability of the campaign. The advice that KHN gives to its members can be read in the article via the link below (Dutch only).

Article Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (Dutch Only)