Plug in Party on Movement

On June 24th the Plug in Party on Movement will start. An impulse for the I Love My Ears campaign. The main focus of the Movement is to draw extra attention to the use of earplugs with a music filter and to encourage their use at music events.

Along with 200 ambassadors from all over the country, the Plug in Party on Movement will start on June 24th. These ambassadors encourage their friends and followers on social media to also wear earplugs with a music filter when attending a music festival or concert. Through their own social media profiles, they inspire known and unknown followers to visit their profile on (Dutch only). There, they can digitally support the ambassador and the Movement. Ambassadors with a lot of supports can win prizes. You can register as an ambassador until June 19th.

“For years I went to music festivals and concerts without earplugs, until I suffered hearing damage. From that moment on I have been very careful with my hearing and I always wear earplugs with music filter at music events. I have already convinced my friends to do the same, the rest is to follow,” said ambassador Anne Tonen.

Visit the website for more information via the url below (Dutch only).

Plug In Party On Movement